10/16/18 – Unring the bell

Unring the bell, it’s time, it’s time
Take back what we had, it’s yours and mine | #govtmule
A bell began ringing a few months ago with the #solareclipse in #cancer and each time the #moon or another planet transits through Cancer or it’s polarity, #capricorn the bell rings again.
Now through #2020 a pile up is occurring in Saturn’s homeland, Capricorn. Multiple power planets and orbs are conglomerating in the Cardinal sign of #hardwork #challenge #perseverance #gettingshitdone all with a fairly #stoic exterior, despite having a rich mystical underpinning.

We all have the 12 #zodiac signs somewhere in our chart, ruling over some area of our life. What house contains Capricorn for you? Any planets or angles contained therein? And also, don’t forget it’s polarity, Cancer and any planets or angles you may have there as they both work together as opposites.

Find these areas in your chart (or contact me for a consult🤗) to learn what this may indicate for you. Each month now we are getting clues as the bell rings with an echo of this future onslaught as the Moon transits through these signs.

Where in your life are the challenges coming in and where will you need to #rollyoursleevesup and #gettowork ? Where will total #transformation be occurring and what area in your life will a whole new structure and reality be formed?

Go back and read the quote at the top…it’s time👌

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