10/23/18 – Exalted Provocations


  • tomorrow’s exalted #fullmoon in #taurus is ruled over by a #venus that’s currently a #hotmess as she is in #scorpio the #zodiac sign of her detriment and #retrograde
    meanwhile, as the moon gorges herself in the sun’s light from Scorpio, both the luminaries square the Nodal axis, the dragon’s head and tail in #leo and #aquarius giving us a grand fixed square as the fullness culminates.

    igniting all the entrenchments, #uranus the rebel, change-maker sits atop this queen moon and shakes the entire grand square.

    challenges to establishment, order, security, money and relationships as well as encountering major pivot points on our life path are all heralded as this lunation culminates.

    where is early Taurus/Scorpio/Leo and Aquarius in your chart? what houses do they fall in and are there any planets contained therein?

    this next lunation cycle will shake loose the engorgement and its meaning. look to these areas in your chart to help dial it in for you.

    on the horizon… the #guru #jupiter enters his homeland of #sagittarius and the foreigners, the mind expansion and the bigness of our world become the focus.

    Exalted provocations.

    Photo Credit @fashy_fafa32
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