10/29/18 – Galvanized Disruption

Hey hey, come look and see
My footsteps through eternity
Ride hard, strong and free
The messenger will hold the key | When the world was young, #jimmypage and #robertplant 🌎
Accumulating pressure galvanizes from this past weekend through mid-week under a swath of fixed squares and oppositions.
The main players are Venus in #scorpio, lady #love still in #retrograde opposing #chaos bringer, Uranus posited in her native homeland of #taurus and the axis of the #northnode in #leo and the #southnode in #aquarius . The Moon’s passage into the square quickens the intensity and brings its meaning to life.

Combined, the four corners challenge and oppose each other in galvanized tension. In the #mundane world from this past weekend, through mid this week we’ll see and feel this crossroads of chaos (Uranus) and a yearning for harmony (Venus) and questioning where do we go from here (north node) and where can I hide (south node). Mercury, our messenger has just moved on from his schmoozing with Jupiter (see yesterday’s post for more info). The messenger holds the key, but something has to be re-worked and re-evaluated for the Sage’s wisdom to become clear.

Where are early fixed signs in your chart? Any planets or angles there? If so, you’ll likely find this a fairly palpably rich time of pressure and force in those areas and life circumstances it signifies in your chart.

One must always be prepared for riotous and endless waves of transformation.| #elizabethgilbert #eatpraylove .
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