10/29/18 – Whispering guru

Queen of Light took her bow
And then she turned to go,
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone.
Oh, dance in the dark of night,
Sing to the morning light.
The dark Lord rides in force tonight
And time will tell us all | #battleofevermore #ledzeppelin .
Messenger #mercury joins sage #guru Jupiter in late #scorpio today through tomorrow.

#astrology to me, is the most intimate messaging envoy of the #spirit of the Universe. Today, these two orbs pair and start an interestingly #synchronicity of movements.

At this degree, Mercury enters his #retrograde shadow while pairing with Jupiter. He’ll speed along to about 14 #sagittarius and then need to traipse back to this same point to start himself over again. Then, picking himself and re-tracing his way, Mercury will travel once again climbing back to 14 Sagittarius to cleanse his message, to re-form his thoughts, and shift his communications.

However, just shortly before he does so, while at about 10 degrees Sagittarius, Mercury will once again cross paths with ever-expanding and Spirit-welcomer, Jupiter at this degree and on this day… while the pair meet and re-hash what has transpired and been challenged since today (10/28), the Moon will be at 28 #taurus and therefore, shining her gaining light by opposition to this very same spot the two paired today.

What #secret #trauma #truth #lie #death #destruction and #obsession and #psychology underpinnings tug on your ear today?
Pay close attention, there are diamonds in this darkness. Scorpio is the sign of regeneration; where the phoenix rises once agin. We must eliminate and let go in order to rise once more.

Where is late Scorpio to early Sagittarius in your chart? Don’t forget it’s polarity, late Taurus to early #gemini too. Any planets or angles here? Also, any personal planets or angles ruled by Mercury (Gemini or #virgo ) These are the hot spots through the end of December.

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