3/29/20 | 4th House Foundations


In #astrology we find the home we’ve made for ourselves and the home we’ve come from in the 4th house. Here, at the root of the chart stems our core formation. Our #ancestors , our innate being and where we tend to seek refuge and replicate throughout our life.

Home isn’t just a four square building. It is the essence of what is found within, just as the 4th house backdrop describes for us in our #birthchart

There may or may not be planets within, but there is at least always a planet ruling the sign that sits on as the front door to each of our 4th houses. This planet and any aspects made to it further modify our “home” experience. Our most intimate inner world, our core and our physical space of comfort.

For many of us, we are spending more time at home during the #pandemic and #isolation .

The Moon enters #gemini today and for me, that’s my 4th house so I thought I’d follow the #trickster #muse and share this topic. Gemini is a great fit for my home – it’s a bit frenetic, I have books and art everywhere. I am happiest with my family and friends here at my home on our #crowhill hilltop and any free moments you’ll find me learning and trying to pick up new information and how to do to do new things.

I have Mercury, the planet ruling Gemini standing right at my 4th house front door and this is where the real action is. Planets are people, they are the action makers. My home is perfectly Mercurial, I keep our ancestors close as well by way of my ancestor altar and rituals. Mercury also often describes our siblings and my #sister is a Gemini Sun and I keep her extra close at all times! She’s my amazing #sissypants and I treasure her🥰 Her Sun sits right inside my 4th house too.

The 4th house tends to describe our relationship with our father/father figures. My father was a Gemini Sun, so his Sun sat right jnside my 4th house.

What sign is your 4th house doorway? What planet rules it? How does this tell the #story of “home” and the core of your journey?☺️

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