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Elizabeth Ryba


Elizabeth Ryba is a local astrologer and launched her business, Starry Wonder Astrology in 2012. Her practice blends both Traditional and Modern astrology techniques and offers various forms of readings and consultations, remediations, classes and group events. Elizabeth’s traditions are rooted in the observable cycles of our surrounding natural world and discerning the stories those cycles reflect.

She began studying astrology in 1998 alongside returning to graduate school for her MBA in accounting. The study of planetary cycles, placements and geometrical aspects had practical intersections with the study and logical order of mathematics and critical analysis. Since earning her MBA, Elizabeth has worked in the accounting/auditing profession. She continued furthering her astrological career with other professional astrologers, eventually leading to the public launch of her own astrology business in 2012.

Elizabeth frequently shares daily reflections, analysis and look-aheads on her Starry Wonder website and social media. She is currently producing an online class library and store, with an anticipated opening in 2020.

To learn more about Elizabeth’s Starry Wonder Astrology, keep up with daily posts, or to book a reading or event, visit StarryWonder.com, or find Starry Wonder on social media.


It is in such moods as this, when all things are forgotten, and heart and mind are open to every sight and sound, that Nature comes to the soul with some deep, sweet message of her inner being, and with invisible hand lifts the curtain of mystery for one hushed and fleeting moment.

~Under the Trees and Elsewhere, Hamilton Wright Mabie