~ Meet Starry Wonder ~


Elizabeth Ryba


I was born a dreamer, intuitive and an ever-curious seeker of the unknown. Having always been attracted to Astrology, I began studying in 1998 and took the leap to create Starry Wonder for consulting and teaching in April, 2012. As the business continues to grow, so does the need for a more organized one-stop spot for all things Starry Wonder related - hence the advent of this website launched in December, 2016.

While deeply steeped in mystical overtones, I am an accountant by day and a relative realist. My offerings are based in messages reflected back to us in nature's everyday cycles and happenings.

It is in such moods as this, when all things are forgotten, and heart and mind are open to every sight and sound, that Nature comes to the soul with some deep, sweet message of her inner being, and with invisible hand lifts the curtain of mystery for one hushed and fleeting moment.

~Under the Trees and Elsewhere, Hamilton Wright Mabie