Sun enters Taurus | A new earth emerges

It is in such moods as this, when all things are forgotten, and heart and mind are open to every sight and sound, that Nature comes to the soul with some deep, sweet message of her inner being, and with invisible hand lifts the curtain of mystery for one hushed and fleeting moment. | #UndertheTreesandElsewhere #hamiltonwrightmabie 🌳🌲🌳

A new #solar month begins later this eve as the #sun 🌞enters our earthen-affixed #zodiac sign; #taurus ♉️

Even if we weren’t born under a Taurean Sun, we all have Taurus somewhere in our #birthchart serving as the backdrop in which we live. Each chart has 12 of these “backdrops” or slices of life, such as home, career, relationships, health, all covering the total span of our journey. As the Sun enters this area, its shine draws us into that area of our life particularly so, for the month ahead. If you were born with any planets or key angles in Taurus, the month ahead holds extra emphasis.

Regardless, for all of us our life force energy is drawn to themes of creating a new structure, implementing sustainable designs and measures, working with nature and our surrounding environment… and while so doing, be on the prowl for fine feasts and drink and all the sensory pleasures one can take in.

Observing the cycles around us we see #nature mirroring this same harmonic. In its #spring glory in #westernny we see a new environmental structure emerging with every new #blossom 🌼and #greenery 🌱

Nature leads the way & in its reflection, imparts stories for us to discern & engage with. The stars & planets are no different.

During this solar journey, the Sun encounters hardships from Saturn’s square, the unexpected from conjoining with Uranus & later in May, infuses with #algol , Pluto and Jupiter’s powerful energies likely offering the vision of the newly yielded restructuring on the horizon.

Zenning good Taurus tidings to all, may we each take good advantage of this solar time & its quicksilvering of our intimate connection with our environment & all of our senses, grounding our #anxiety & #fear with the practical application of building a new #earth 🌎

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